Welcome to the infantmilkinfo.org website where we at First Steps Nutrition Trust host information about infant milks (for 0-12 month olds) available on the UK market. Information about how milks are made, the ingredients used, the infant milk market, infant feeding safety and other general information about infant milks can be found here. 

On this website we provide information about the types of infant milks on the UK market and provide compositional information for infant formula, follow-on formula and infant milks marketed as foods for special medical purposes that are available for sale over the counter. To find out more about specialised milks please follow the link from the ‘Type of infant milk’ page. 

We host information about milks and milk drinks marketed for young children (12 months+) here on the firststepsnutrition.org website where we provide information on dietary guidelines on milk consumption for young children, the types of milk available, suitable choices, the potential risks and benefits associated with their use and answers to some frequently asked questions.

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